Two of my favorite people: Jake and Kasey. Photo: Suzanne King.

Two of my favorite people: Jake and Kasey. Photo: Suzanne King.

A fun "Q&A" with Jessica...

Favorite Foods: Everything... ha! Seriously though... Pizza, Cheeseburgers, and Mexican

What food could you eat everyday? My Mom's scrambled cheese eggs!

Favorite Music: U2, Lumineers, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons

Favorite Books: The Art of Racing in the Rain, A Dog's Journey, A Dog's Purpose, Last Days of Summer

Other countries I've lived in: South Korea, Germany

Countries I've visited: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark (Where I married), Bulgaria, UAE, New Zealand, Australia

Countries I'm dying to visit: Scotland, and I want to see more of Ireland!

Favorite Season: Summer

What's worse...being cold, tired, or hungry? COLD! I hate being cold. Ironically, being born and raised in Wisconsin does NOT make you immune to disliking cold temps.

Beer or Wine? I'm a beer girl... prefer red ale!

Maiden Name.. "Umentum" - sounds like "Momentum" with a "U"

Most Cherished experience? Giving birth to my daughter Kasey

Family? Youngest of 8 children... 5 brothers, and 2 sisters... yes, we're Catholic!

College Major: Exercise and Sports Science

College Minor: Business Administration and Military History

Home Town: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Current Residence: Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Favorite Quote: "You can quit, and no one else cares, but you will always know." - Commander John Collins and Founder of Ironman

Favorite Past Time: Napping, reading a book, catching up on my reality T.V. addiction!

Favorite T.V. Shows: Survivor, Modern Family, Happy Endings, The "Real Housewives," and I love watching old episodes of "Frasier" with my Mom.

What have triathlon and parenthood taught you? PATIENCE. Everyday I constantly need to remind myself of that in both of those aspects of my life. Great things don't happen overnight, but with time, a lot of care, and belief in the process both are very rewarding!