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NEW Sponsorship with RUSTER SPORTS

If you travel to races and training camps frequently like I do, you have no doubt run across the costly "airline baggage fees" that can put a dent in the budget. Now you have an amazing alternative! I'm proud to announce my endorsement and partnership with TJ Tollakson's Iowa-based RUSTER SPORTS to carry their "Armored Hen House" bike case, bike tool kits, and wheel bags. These components are best-in-class and fall within the airlines' 62 linear inches requirement so that means no more bike bag fees! Thank you TJ, Ethan and the entire team at RUSTER for your support. Watch my website, Facebook page and VIMEO channel for upcoming travel updates and my tips on using the "Hen House." To learn more and to get your own RUSTER travel cases, visit them at

POWERBAR 2014-15 Sponsorship

I'm excited to announce that I'll once again be part of the POWERBAR Elite Team in 2014-15, spreading the knowledge about the nutritional gels, bars, blasts and shakes that fuel my training, racing and recovery. Thank you, POWERBAR for our long-standing partnership! Find more information on POWERBAR nutrition here.

New Video and VIMEO Channel

Fresh from my new Vimeo Channel, there's a new video posted (as well as in the Gallery), that I hope you'll enjoy. I always seek to have balance in my life, and this video gives you a sense of what that means for me as we take you "behind the scenes" for some of my training. View it in the updated Gallery or simply click here:

Sponsor Announcement: 2XU

I'm excited to announce I am now part of Team 2XU, and will be training, racing and recovering in the cutting edge apparel and products from 2XU. Read the official announcement here. I am very proud to be working with such a leader in our industry!